Weekend Dreams – – Sarina Vail

Weekend Dreams

by Sarina Vail

I probably shouldn’t be up at 5 AM
But I can’t sleep and well, um…

All I can do is envision the future
Sure you’re laying next to me now
But what if years from now you are
Somewhere else, somewhere new
I could go there, right alongside you

I stay up late thinking about staying
But god it’s terrifying
Because the farther I look into the future
The higher the chances are that you won’t be there

I don’t know what I’d do then, not really
Because if we’re flipping open the pages of the book of honesty
I don’t give not a single damn what I’m doing years from now
As long as opening to that last page means I’m happy

The only thing I ask, the only kind of certainty I have
And it’s not so much to want, is it?

Picture it—simple and soft

Wake up in a bed that’s warm surrounded by chill air
You’re still asleep and you’re next to me
It’s peaceful… and quiet, besides your breathing
A heavy sleeper, deep weekend dreams
Doesn’t stir when I get up and slip out

Down a hall lit by the morning sun
Past a kitchen, I’m not hungry yet
Into a little room with a desk and pictures all over the walls
Settle my eyes on a still sleeping computer

I’ll sit comfortable
Think back to nights like this
Before the sun came up
The soft clicks of letters on keys
Early morning sunrise poetry

Back when I was still worried
About loving you




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