Upon Me – – Stephen Smith

Upon Me

by Stephen Smith


Lost in transition on a barely noticeable road

Love is hate without its cloak

I travel towards uncertainty with a cracked mind

Burning light that corrupts the heart

No sense of danger bearing claws and fangs

Conjuring dreams of ever after, dreams never to occur

No paved path to speak of in sight, as I go further I begin to lose the light

Shade laid over shade, the path like pencil shadings

Blood rushing through tightly wrapped flesh

A surge of adrenaline manifests in my chest

I feel something familiar, but still to me is a stranger

Intuition withholding all the answers

How can this ominous wind still be a cool breeze?

Goosebumps and peace of mind

Wind that screams terror, breeze that puts you at ease

Impaled with uncertainty

I fall, trip, stumble to your feet

Physically unharmed, emotionally wounded

Looking up its you

You gave me your heart and took it away

Past turned present

Your presence brings gravity, invisible chains to my body

Springtime happiness, winter time madness

Emotions gone adrift

The foundation you cracked on purpose




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