The Source – – Samantha Rios

The source

 by Samantha Rios


Don’t you think it’s been enough already?

We always seem to have irritations that come from old branches of memories.


A binge cheater


A frustrated none money making

Aging mother fucker



Charged for being a physical phlegmatic

Brewed with unblinking husky attitude

That you only showed behind the door

Because you wanted to show

Your life was a show

Is a show

You wanted to show you were hot-blooded to your youth’s

More like THE youngest youth


Why infuse roots

If you are unresponsive

Why infuse roots

If you won’t show mums the blues


We weren’t supposed to know


Oh, she knew

We knew

We carry it

The genetic makeup of a fabricator

Now we display, sadly but not intentionally


30 years have gone by

Now you cry

And cry

And cry


And you cry

And cry


Now you apologize

You manifest

You invest

You confess


Now mum sings the blues


And you?

Talking about your damn depressed sorry. . .




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