The Bird of Freedom – – Azmar Kemp

The Bird of Freedom

by Azmar Kemp

Flying high, soaring to the sun,

As if it was trying to chase the light…

That light of hope,

Prosperity in darkness,

Confidence in fear,

And strength in weakness.

Singing that never-ending chant.

Melodic remedy,

Reminiscence of righteous.

Head high despite the aging storm.

From sea to sea chanting,

‘My country tis of thee’

Unforgettable legacy,

You have added to the greatness.

Freedom to its fullest.

Melting pot filled with eggs.

You’ve given us a part of yourself.

Gentle soul,

Heart of Gold,

You’re as soft as a feather.

Relentless ambition dignified by sweet dissonance.

You fight for the land and its meanings.

With your heart and soul ramifying to others, chanting,

‘Sweet land of liberty.’

You fought for me before I could fight,


Fighting for fairness and justice.

Justice for those beaten,

And Fairness for those that differ.

Looking to the stars for answers.

Golden trails will bring you home,

Just follow the dipper.

Unknowingly teaching me how navigate through the blows and strikes.

Relentless diligence resting on rebellious confidence,

It is partially your doings that have allowed mine.

Fly high to the stars chanting,

‘Of thee I Sing.’

Wonderful wishes welcomed to indifference.

The voice of those who are unheard;

To die for those who are unknown.

Living in life, leading the lost and endangered to safety.


Your wit, care, dedication… like a father figure.

Everlasting empathetic expressions encompassing excellence,

You live for a purpose.

Soothing chirps to remind us of the rigorous battle ahead.

Feet firmly on the ground chanting,

 ‘Land where my father died.’

Your where here from the start,

From the birth till death of the creators of greatness,

Gliding by giving fate.

Inspiring those who are in need,

Wise words awakening sleeping souls.

Leftwing stiffened from the fight,

A raising rightwing salute chanting,

‘Land of the pilgrim’s pride.’


Even with your blows and flaws,

You continue to fight.

Not strong enough to fly,

So you walk,

With your head held high,

Chest to the sun,

Spirits in the clouds,

Marching to victory.

Intransigent intelligence empowered by admirable self-encouragement.


Defeat is not in your vocabulary.

You knew the future before it arrived.

Eyes opened, with vision for miles, chanting,

 ‘From every mountain top.’

That good ol’ freedom…

Freedom from selfishness.

Freedom from the elephants that stampede the ground,

And bulldoze anything it is way.

With damaged legs, now you crawl

Never willing to give in to those massive creatures,

Because they are not as immense as your passion.

Passion for justice and liberty for all;

With one nation under God.

You are not scared because you have been in the clouds looking down,

And know what has yet to come.

Futuristic fortune-teller, because in your legacy,

We see what’s near.

This is not the end, but merely the beginning.


Sarcastically smiling to the clouds.

 ‘Let freedom ring.’




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