Speech – – Edd Brown Jr.


by Edd Brown Jr.


A hawk with a broken beak

peeks into light between trees.

It breaks wind and flies mountain peaks,

spreading its wings.

Looking sleek.

A serene scene,

the wind sings.

A calm king

in rule of spring.



a butterfly once flew,


currents weren’t warranting freedom of graceful proceedings.


It blocked.


The air taxed its residents around every block.

Spring stopped.

Summer popped.

eagles flocked to the spot



Ruling the air as they fit.

For profit.


The hawk saw this

with spectacular vision.

speechless ’cause

speech would cause

the mouth to fall off,


dreams of soaring left a sore in its beak.

The system was luring it to speak.


Till the hawk spoke.

its beak broke.

cawing turned into roaring,

which created a gust rightful for the hawks own exploring!


The bleak system destroyed

by the individualistic, altruistic nature of the hawk with no beak, which had poured


into the trees,

rang and repeated by every beak,

even the eagles followed suit.


soon then,

they all ate of luscious fruit.


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