Second Sunday – – Sarina Vail

Second Sunday

by Sarina Vail

Scrolling through Facebook in May always seems like such a hassle
Only one big holiday this month
No nothing memorial about it
At least not for me

Timeline decorated bright pink and glittery
Praise her, bless her
Most beautiful wonderful woman in the world

That’s all well and good for most
And I’m not mad
Not at the people who have capacity for that kind of love.
It’s those entitled few who see fault in my life
As if I’m a disgrace for not feeling the same

Sure, I get the obligatory gifts when that second Sunday rolls around
But that’s purely to avoid the guilt trip
Because she’s never happy
No matter what you do

Acts like the world revolves around her when
all she’s ever done is hurt the people in her orbit
Been dealing with the same shit all my life

When she’s up up and away somewhere in the projects
I get left alone in apartments at an age that
could get her reported to DYFS

Buckled tight in the back seat while she’s up front
On the hood, lights red and blue
Arrested for possession

Thin and weak framed
Thinkin’ it’s a good idea to walk on the edge of a bridge at midnight
Holding a child’s hand on one side
And holding a thumb out on the other
Thankfully the passerbys pass-her-by
Cause who knows what could have happened

Got kicked out
Lost shit
Everything put in storage
Can’t make rent when everything you spend money on is

Mistakes, mistakes, mis-

Take credit for all this
Apologize for once, and mean it
Then maybe we could move forward
Work on this poorly conceived relationship

But until then, Sunday is right around the corner
Another trip to the dollar store
Candy and flowers and empty hugs
Yeah, I know
It’s your day
Hope you’re happy




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