Sally – – Liz Meyer


by Liz Meyer

Sally had a thing for Jack…Jack, like that empty bottle that we always found in the back.
That mean ole’ Boogieman screaming, “I am the shadow on the moon at night. Filling your dreams to the brim with fright.”

Fright. Fright. Fright.

Please Sally, please! I beg you to fight! Stop giving your soul up to that endless night. Hearing you cry, “Oh somewhere deep inside of these bones an emptiness began to grow.”

grow. Like your son is.
He has nothing but a corpse

crawling in,

                                             and out of his life.
Desperately trying to take that knife out hands…

You’ve come undone.

All we can do is…



                                                                                                         t o g e t h e r . Just keep sippin’ on that Deadly Night Shade.
It’s causing you to think,  “For it is as plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be” Meant to be? Like you were supposed to be more.

More of a Mother, Sister, and Wife No more. “Everybody scream, everybody SCREAM!” Now that’s all that happens at family gatherings anymore.


Thanks to you

And your tragic romance with Jack.
Please make it


“Can a heart still be broken once it’s stopped beating?” Yours has failed you TWICE. More like YOU failed it. Us. Yourself.

“Why does nothing ever turn out

like it should?”


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