Oneness – – Yasmeen Mitchell


by Yasmeen Mitchell

The mind is like a flower

As if aesthetically pleasing

When given chances to be

Inside out

Like eloquent clamor

On notebook pages or

Clay molds as

Art house magic or

Musical notes

In feel good spots

And still too

In personal truths

Cause it’s like


In hues

Red, Yellow and Blue

And Ambiance or

Being a muse for creativity…


And its moments remembered,

The mind is like a flower

Photosynthesis Green

And buoyant purple

Bouncing off strong

Indigo Walls,


Flower like mine creates,

As it lives and moves and

Wraps itself around the lives of all things.

The livelihood of all things.

From paradise

Shown as even a simple breath of life

To pit fire caves

Secretly stored where no one can see

But eventually,

Projecting in the form of brain waves and

Negative energy

Like bad feelings or

Thoughts of failure lingering heavily

Like falling snow in mind’s winter.

Conflict, confusion

Storming as hail

Killing the vibrancy


Self. Core. Muse. Music. Feelings. Color

Death by winter

Death by muddled clarity.

The mind is like a flower though

Still aspiring

In spring

To grow and live again

Human turned God.

Like stories of life after and

Living once more

Like summer’s melanoiding sun does

In morning’s breath of fresh air.

Things made anew

Surviving by knowing the truth…

Without life and energy,

The frequency…

The mind like the flower

Would not exist.


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