November ( pt. 1 & 2 ) – – Lonnisha McCaa

November (pt. 1 & 2)           

by Lonnisha McCaa

Novemberrrrr!!! Girl are you daydreaming again?” Tasha yelled.


“Nah girl.. Let’s head over to class before Ms. Johnson start having a fit”.

Walking down the gloomy hallways of Barack Obama High School were the two best friends, November and Tasha. November and Tasha had been friends since Elementary School. And like any other best friend “friendship”, these two bumped heads constantly.

“Girl let me tell you how I saw Drew all up on some pressed ass female yesterday. Like.. How he gonna do that to me when were just layed up two weeks ago on this day” November said angrily.

“And to make matters worse.. We did it”.


“Hold up… I know damn well you didn’t just say ya’ll did it?” Tasha whispered.


“Yes girl, we did it… IT.. The nasty.!!” November said, embarrassed and frightened to tell her friend the bigger news than them ‘just doing the nasty’.

*The bell rings and the conversation ended there*


“Okay class! Today we are furthering our conversation on Martin Luther King” Ms. Johnson yelled out.

 “Again, MJ? We tired of learning about him. How come we can’t learn about Tupac or Biggie or even A Boogie wit da hoodie” Drew said while the class laughed at him.

“You know why we can’t learn about these folks Andrew? Because they’re not important. Now ask me something else and you will have detention with me at three o’clock”. . .


“He always wanna play games with someone. I don’t know why you still deal with his dumb ass. . .” Tasha said while rolling her eyes.

“You know I love me some Drew. Plus girl…You wouldn’t even understand if I told you.” said November, hinting at her life changing mistake to Tasha.

“Girl whatchu talkin bout?” Tasha answered back.

“I’ll tell you later” November shamefully told Tasha.


“Hey Nov!!!! Wassup babe. You lookin mighty fine todaaaaay” Drew yelled at November.

“Hey Drew Boo. You don’t look that bad yourself Daddy” November replied.


“You guys make me SICK!” Tasha mumbled. “Shut your sour ass up Tasha. See that’s why Lamont stop fucking with your big ass head” Drew clapped back. “Maybe you should keep your small ass dick in your pants and then maybe November won’t be so pressed over your ass” Tasha said.


 “Okay, Okay, that’s it. Bye Drew Boo.. See ya later” November ended the conversation and the two started walking out the front door of the school.



School ended, November and Tasha headed home.

“Tash, you trynna come over for a second. I have some shit to tell you.”

November said anxiously.


“Yeah girl, my mother home with her bum new boyfriend anyway.” Tasha yelled.

The two headed over Nov house, and this is when shit got real, real quick.


“Bitch pop this box open for me. I’m too nervous to do anything” said November.

November threw over a purple and pink box near Tasha’s way.


“Nov what the hell is this????!!!! And Why the hell do you need this????!!!!”


KEEP IT DOWN BEFORE MY MOM HERE YOU!.. Anyway, I’m late.. Almost 3 weeks late. My nipples are sore and… and I just need to make sure I’m not pregnant. So please for my sake, can you keep this between you and me, and YOU AND ME ONLY!”


“Sure Nov.. You know I got you girl. You gotta pee?? Two strips mean you got shit to explain and one mean imma slap you for scaring me…So here!”

November runs in the bathroom to pee.


“Aight girl.. How long before I know the results??”


“5 MINUTES!” “So ummmm…. Did you mention any of this to Drew?”


“Nooooooo!!!!! HELLLLLLL NAHHHHH BITCH!!!!! You know me and Drew is on the low. We always go over his house every Friday because his mother stays at work late. Normally we use condoms but last month.. Drew said it was okay to slide in RAW. And he said everything will be okay. So I went along with it. Hoping and praying he pulls out. I thought he did but……”


Tasha timer went off *5 minutes passed*


“Okay.. Breathe Nov. It’s been 5 minutes and I think we should check. Do you want me to or do you?”



“Please check for me Tash. But before you check… Can you promise me that you won’t judge me from these results and you’ll be my best friend till the end?”


“I promise girl. Now let’s look before I shit in my pants.”


Tasha picked up the stick.

Took a look at it.

And dropped it on the floor.


“Nov………… it’s 2 lines.. It’s….. 2…… freaking…… lines”


“Let me see please..” “What is Drew gonna say?” “Everyone is going to judge me in school” “I’m only 15…” “My mom….” “My mom is going to kick me out of the house Tash. this shit is crazy YO” “I need to tell Drew right now!”


November FaceTimes Drew on her phone.




“Drew.. I have something important to tell you. And just this one time, I really need you to be serious as fuck.”




November held up her pregnancy test in the camera and cried.


“Drew.. I’M PREGNANT.. We’re having a baby”



“Drew I’m serious as fuck.. Please take me serious”

Tasha grabbed November phone and snapped (as usual)


“Nov, gimme the damn phone. See, Drew—your big ass head always taking shit as a game. She fucking serious.. She pissed on the damn stick in front of me and now she preggos. You ain’t do a good job pulling out, obviously!!!!!”


“Tash’ shut yo duck ass up and put Nov back on the phone—HOE!”


“Andrew Lamar Johnson.. Call Tasha a hoe one more time and I’ll slap you………..NOW what are we going to do first? I ain’t tell my mother.. My father is M.I.A.. and you already know I don’t get along with most people in that school.

We gotta think and think quickly.”


 “Why can’t you get an abortion?”




“Umm.. NO.. TF?”


“And that’s why I’m keeping this baby”

*CLICK* November hung up the phone and the room became quiet.


“What’s the first step to this process?”


“I think you should tell your mother first, Nov..”




“Nah Nov, it’s not buts.. You need to tell your mom. Like NOW!”


“Okay, well can you at least be next to me while I’m telling her?”


“Yeah sure… Come on, I think she’s in the kitchen cooking”

November and Tasha made their way to kitchen.


“Hey ma!!”


“Hey Novey.. I knew I heard some noise. How was school?”


“School is school. Tasha here Ma.”


“Hey Tasha.. How’s your mom?”


“Annoying, as usual, Ms. April”


“Now you better cut it out before she beats you”


They all giggled

Tasha gripped November’s hand and whispered

It’s time to tell her”


“Ma.. I have something to tell you.. You remember my friend Drew from downtown? Umm.. Here.. Look at this stick”




 “Ma!!!! Pleaseeeee I need you to be open minded and just listen..


But MA!!! I’m your daughter. Pleaseeee just be here for me.” November cried. . .




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