Note – – Sarina Vail

Note –                                                                         

by Sarina Vail

I hope you can scrounge up enough quarters to do laundry
So when you go to work tonight your jeans don’t smell like sweat

I hope the bus driver looks past the fact that you have a 1 zone
When you’re riding until the last stop

That your walk home is safe and quiet
That no one who you pass causes you to check behind your aching shoulder

When you’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor
And your spine cracks in protest whenever you move
I wish for your dreams to treat you sweetly

Finally, when you wake tomorrow morning
It is my greatest desire that
You want to be here

On this earth, breathing and living and being.

That you take this tattered life you have found yourself in
And cherish it

It’s the only one you have

Things will get better

You are strong

You …
Are important

– To Self


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