I’m From – – Nadia Palma

I’m From      

by Nadia Palma                           


I am from the handcrafted dream catcher,

From hawk feathers and clay beads.

I am from the small brown tepee, stained with earthly colors and hand prints from my long-gone ancestors who make their presence in passed down stories.

I am from the moss that grows beside the creek, from the dirt ground where the grizzly bear sleeps.

I am from getting together every Christmas, and a tendency for tattoos, from Brenda, and Nidia and Wesley.

I am from emptying the liquor cabinet, and crying to old country music.

From stop running around bare footed and do not touch that wild animal.

I am from spirituality, when believing the world speaks to you through nature and karma.

I am from Nicaragua, a tribe from Kukra and Miskito, from run dun and cassava cake.

From the time I took in a stray dog and when my uncle Nico passed out drunk on the kitchen sink.

I am from the photo album my mom keeps locked away in a secret compartment, where the sketched bunny rabbit sits at a tea party on the front cover.


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