Friday Night – – Delilah Collazo

Friday Night

by Delilah Collazo


Men are on the prowl

They think I’m a catch

But it’s me who has the hook

You’ll buy me a drink

That won’t ever touch my lips

I’ll give you a wink

Sly as a fox


My smile is an invite

My conversation is the keeper

My lips become stained with the color of temptation


We’ll catch a cab

To my place, not yours

I’ll lead you to the guest room

With its blank walls to match my blank face

Exactly the way you make me feel


I’ll let you unravel me out of my dress

But don’t touch my panties, only I can do that

Fast forward 20 minutes later

You’re panting like the dog I know you are

I don’t let you spend the night

My comfort is for me


Who says I can’t bask in promiscuity

The scarlet letter is supposed to humiliate me

But what happens when I strive for A’s?







Tell me all the things that I am not…


The world is not embarrassed to sell my sex

Yet I should be for owning it

The world is not embarrassed

By unwanted men

Clawing their way into sheets that don’t belong to them


Yet the world wants to turn their nose up

At the women who welcome it


So world, tell me, which one is it?


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