Creators Are Creations – – Khylla Watson

Creators Are Creations

by Khylla Watson


Humanity has lost its originality.

We aspire to be what we see on screens

just to flow in a main stream society.

Painting false identities over our own faces we

hide behind profiles that advertise summaries of ourselves.

In filtered pictures and text-boxes constricted to 150 words

we compress a complex novel into a quote

to sell a soul that seeks acceptance.

Our lives are overwritten, conditioned

to be deafened by voices like white noise

that impair hearing and comprehension.

Lift your head up from your screen and see that you’ve become

a wannabe, replica of a rapper or Instagram model on TV.

A conformist to fashion trends,

subscriber to illogical opinions,

a product of a social media environment.

Our uniqueness is oppressed.

We cage its passions, ideas, and potential creations in darkness.

The creative mind is a ticking time bomb awaiting explosion

but will never explode because there is no fight for mental freedom, no mental war.

Therefore, there will be no detonation.




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