Big Blunt – – Daneja Jefferson-Falana

Big Blunt

by Daneja Jefferson-Falana

Honesty, modesty, I tell my ego take pride in me
My colors ringing proudly
inside of me
But I see them nowhere surrounding me
I feel y’all look down on me
All of these orgs
and I still don’t see my prodigy
Damn fam why you trying me
You’re tryna silence he
Your majesty, royalty?
I was speaking cordially
But I guess I have to do it forcibly

Where the hell are my banners!
I mean my dignity…
You been resented me
You do it consistently
A minor setback
And I still haven’t seen not one. foreign. flag
A Jamaican flag, Haitian flag, Albanian Flag, Indian Flag, Ecuadorian Flag
Not one Flag
But you proudly mock our culture
With your American ass
I mean America trash
Everyone could wear Cuban links
But can’t hang a Cuban flag

Aye Stu, why you so mad
Because the same people that agreed to the Muslim ban
Be the same people begging outside countries to make their clothes
I swear y’all a bunch of

fans and foes
If I was the president
I’d say “don’t trust these hoes”
Y’all forgot immigrants made America a hit
So if we leave, we taking all our shit




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