(Life in Translation)



LiT 2017

                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

Cover (Art)                                               Sarina Vail



The Unknown                                             Delilah Collazo

But MAC Said I was Good“enough”        Lonnisha McCaa

About me?                                                    Samantha Rios

I’m From                                                       Nadia Palma

Black Thoughts                                           Edd Brown Jr.

Basquiat                                                       Keon Jukes

Sally                                                              Liz Meyer

The Man                                                        Rose Northcott

The Source                                                    Samantha Rios

Second Sunday                                            Sarina Vail

Note                                                              Sarina Vail

I’m Sorry                                                      Kalia Best

Frost is my Neighbor                                 Leah Woolridge

Friday Night                                                Delilah Collazo

The Woman with No Curtains                  Chanel Douglas

Not in my cookbook                                   Leah Woolridge

My Mane                                                      Erika Stanislaus

Big Blunt                                                      Daneja Jefferson-Falana

Blissful Bullshit                                           Liz Meyer

Curse                                                            Stephen Smith

Creators are Creations                              Khylla Watson

Speech                                                          Edd Brown Jr.

The Bird of Freedom                                  Azmar Kemp

Oneness                                                       Yasmeen Mitchell

Time                                                             Chanel Douglas

Weekend Dreams                                       Sarina Vail

Fear With Distance                                   Liz Meyer

Upon Me                                                     Stephen Smith




La Mujer y El Esposo                               Leah Woolridge


Analytical Essay

Women of the Wasteland:                     Jessica Melendez

Dismembering Gender Discourses

in Mad Max: Fury Road



Bare Essence                                            Liz Meyer

See How They See                                    Liz Meyer

Gemini                                                       Emily Ortega Peralta

Subterranean Homesick                         Liz Meyer

Alien Vision

Familia Te Amo                                       Emily Ortega Peralta

Sweeping                                            Sarina Vail



Bernie’s Bird                                            Leah Woolridge



Josie & Kat                                  Sarina Vail



Belle                                                          Yasmeen Mitchell

His Nature                                              Kamau Phillips

November (pt. 1 & 2)                             Lonnisha McCaa

Through the Galaxy                              Liz Meyer

The Branches on the Trees                  Sarina Vail

The Hidden Agenda                              Kourtney-Leigh Naki


Creative Non-Fiction

Running for Life                                   Stephanie Miller



Back Cover (Art)                                Jemar Steele




Shannon Addonizio

Yaritza Alcantara

Franklin Briones

Jahvon Brown

Wilmy Cenexant

Chanel Douglas

Kanijah Dunkins

Adebimpe Ilori

Franchely Inoa

Andrea Judd

Azmar Kemp

Elizabeth Meyer

Sean Rodriguez

Gerardo Salas

Sarina Vail

Ana Valentin

Khylla Watson

Leah Woolridge

Advisor : Paul LaTorre ‘11


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